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About us

A well coordinated team of generalists and specialists

The conception and implementation of strategic, organizational and regulatory changes in business critical applications is one of the central challenges for companies.

A successful transformation of the multitude of complex tasks requires adequate methods, proven instruments and skilled experts.

Avaloro is a well-coordinated team of generalists and specialists. Since many years we accompany and consult leading financial services companies in their transformation processes. Avaloro was founded in 2012 to bundle competencies and to develop concentrated custom-fit solutions. We are motivated, driven and inspired by the advancement of your entrepreneurial perspectives and the implementation of strategies developed together.

Our clients are leading national and international financial services companies.

At Avaloro skilled experts work together with your management and employees at eye level. Based on clear responsibilities and competent specialization we determine complex relations and develop together individual solutions. In that way every one of our staff contributes with his/her strength to your fast and sustainable success.

For the advisory of our customers we at Avaloro bring over 15 years of experience from leading management consulting and financial services organizations. Through our team and our network we cover the most important products and markets of our customers.